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Lisa Longest


I have been a Realtor since 2010. I don’t look at what I do as just selling homes in Stevensville, Chester, Grasonville,Queenstown, Centreville, Denton, Ridgely, Annapolis and other nearby cities. I work with people to help them build the lifestyle they want. I help them make decisions that will change their lives for the better. Houses aren’t just products to me. They are the four walls that hold the people and the memories we love the most. Houses are where we build our lives, entertain friends, and care for the family. For years now, I’ve helped many people make life-changing decisions about where to live, In turn, it’s changed my life. That’s why I love being a Realtor.

Roles of Qualified and Experienced Realtor in Eastern Shore of Maryland


Recently, large numbers of executives and real estate investors have shown their keen interests towards investment of their earnings with a major perspective towards capitalization of assets. Based on this fact, acquisition of any residential property has become one of the advantageous options.

However, the common problem that arises in this point is that none of the homebuyers or property investors has adequate time to deal with crucial things associated with any property for rent particularly, for individuals staying in one of the busiest cities named Maryland. Hence, in order to overcome problems and come up with the right solution, majority of people have now started taking help from a qualified Realtor in Eastern Shore of Maryland. Rancho Santa Fe real estate is an upcoming region that has seen a lot of investment recently.

How Realtors are Helpful in Finding Properties

Whenever people choose to take professionalized help, it is an ideal option for them to hire services offered by Realtors. The reason for this is that they are well familiar with the actual buying process and latest market trends. Thus, such professionals will help buyers to find different types of domestic properties in fair conditions and at lowest possible rates.

Even a good Realtor in Eastern Shore of Maryland provides residential real estates, which are according to the specific requirements and affordability associated with buyers. In fact, you will find many reasons justifying the professionalized help and assistance from a realtor as the best choice at the time of finding properties for sale.

Collecting Relevant Details

Buying of any property not only involves getting a particular offer, its negotiation and finally settling down. Instead, it mandates a prospective buyer to collect relevant information related to locality, including stores, schools, neighborhood, community and various other important things. By collecting vital details is obviously a time-consuming procedure, which one can avoid by hiring realtors, as they have such details readily available beforehand.

Estimation of the Real Cost associated with any Property

Realtor in Eastern Shore of Maryland always stays informed about each of the varied aspects related to chosen property concerning to the ratio of demand to supply in the market. These people possess sound evaluation skills and are able to understand actual cost of the entire property. Collecting this type of information is obviously difficult for a common person, as it requires adequate experience in the real estate business sector.

Therefore, whenever people look for any property to sale, buyers should definitely hire services offered by realtors from their own sides, as they possess vast experience and efficient skills to proceed the buying process in right manner.

Realtor in Eastern Shore of Maryland


They are a kind of real estate professional who are considered to be certified and hold the license of being member to the national association of realtors. The complete system and service includes agents who work as residential and commercial real estate members with being brokers, sales persons, property managers, appraisers, counselors and other real estate professionals.

Services and priority:-

Being into the association, the realtors in eastern shore of Maryland consider their priority to provide with:-

  • They are Promoting with Homeownership
  • Help to Protect the right to own and use private property
  • They are going to Enable members to transact business to the advantage and protection of the public and members
  • Associate with Promoting and maintain high standards of practice
  • Help in Preserving real property rights and advance economic growth
  • Perform activities to help our members conduct successful, professional, ethical and profitable business.

They have the best team of realtors who are registered with the collective membership that has a mark of unique real estate professionals being the member of the national association and subscribe to its strict code of ethics.

Their success has been providing with the priority to enhance their professionalism and success with providing the real estate services to the community.


What work do they perform:-

The site chosen by the company is famous to provide life with a luxury, greenery and sophisticated way of living and this also provide a comfortable living and here there are sports clubs that encourages the people living here to enjoy their leisure with various sports and activities. The constructions of every single building by the company are designed with a good architectural style that is globally unique and have its own identity. The colors of the walls of the buildings are quite attractive and the floorings and furnishing of the flats are like heavenly beauty. The electric wirings, the construction of doors and windows as well as the power and security like small but important objectives are handled with utmost care. This real estate company works in the market as for dealing with the buying and selling the real estates of various types. Their service is associated to the land and not only includes buildings and other constructions or any related structures. But also the rights and interests that can be rental or residential plots, apartments, commercial plots and many other kind of houses that are cost effective.

Special effects:-

They have been dealing at the place to make the best with providing with every commercial and residential plot which is designed with excellence and uniqueness are made available with Club houses with swimming pool.

  • Ventilate lay out.
  • Gym
  • Infra structure that is Resistance to earth quake.
  • Towers with grand entrance lobby.
  • Multi tier 24 x 7 security system.
  • Power back up for 24 hours.
  • Open car parking and basement.


The realtors are being struggling hard with their system to provide the best of service to each and every clients.


Realtor in Eastern Shore of Maryland

To use the term realtors for the real estate agents is not correct.  There is a remarkable difference between both of them, the realtors and the real estate agents.  The similarity between both of them is that they both sell the real estate’s but the only fine difference between them is that the realtor is a member or a part of the national association of realtors.  There are certain realtor’s codes of ethics which are supposed to be followed by the realtor.  When agents turn to realtors, there is an agreement they are supposed to make so as to conduct their business in a certain way. That way of business should comply and adhere to the rules and regulations and the ethics that are jotted down by the NAR’s code of ethics.


Complaints can be filed by realtors against each other and the consumers may also submit their complaints to the organizations. Complaints can lead to heavy fines being imposed and also the membership status gets affected badly. When a multi-member panel complaints against an agent, this can lead to some serious issues. The organization does not hold the ability of suspending a real estate licenses since this action can be accomplished only by the real estate licensing commission.

The continuing educational courses are supposed to be taken up by the realtors which comply with the guidelines of the educational courses put up by the state licensing board.  To continue with their membership, the realtors may sometimes even pursue the continuing Ed classes. The  groups of agents who are local and been banding together so as to share the order  listings more effectively and exclusively are termed as  Multiple Listing Services, or the MLS.

Most of these groups are associated with their national Realtor associations and their respective states. They typically require all MLS agents to become members of both of the groups. The state and local Realtor organizations receive payments from the agents. They also pay fees to become successful and dedicated members of their local MLS.Realtors form the backbone of the real estate business. After complying with the states and codes of ethics, the realtors would guide you through the business including sale and resale of real estate’s with utmost sincerity in their work and the proper guidelines would be provided since that has to comply with the code of ethics.